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We know there is a group of members who are eager to Return to Worship here at St. Paul's. Within this post please find the full Return to Worship guidelines as approed by the congregational council on August 11, 2020. Remember, although there is a lot of information in this document, and much of it may seem overwhelming, these procedures are in place to allow us to safely gather in-person again as a worshiping community. Following these guidelines carefully will allow us to live into our promise of our Mission to be Faithful Disciples Serving in Chirsts’ Name. 

We are requesting that each household register with the office each week that they plan to attend in person services, by 10:00 A.M. on Fridays.  You may register by calling the office at 301-791-1738, or emailing  This will allow us to plan the seating arrangements to allow for physical distancing, provide us information for contact tracing should it be needed, and allow us to contact those planning on attending in person if we would need to cancel the in person service, for example due to new restrictions from the governor.  Those who show up without registering ahead of time will be accommodated on a space available basis.