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Did you know that St. Paul's Lutheran in Funkstown participated in the Micah's Backpack program through the Hagerstown Area Religious Council of Washington County? 

What is the Micah's Backpack? Micah’s Backpack is a partnership between Washington County Public Schools, HARC, MD Food Bank, and more than 50 sponsoring churches and community organizations providing bags of food to feed hungry students over the weekend, the Micah’s Backpack program in Washington County follows a model established in Blacksburg, VA.  The program is designed to feed hungry students through a partnership between each elementary school and one or more churches/organizations in its community.  Brought to Washington County by Trinity Lutheran Church in 2010, the program now serves more than 1,000 students in 34 schools and involves partnerships with more almost 50 churches and organizations. More than 10,000 students in Washington County Public Schools receive free or reduced lunches and for many this lunch will be the last hot meal of the day. Children are especially hungry over the weekend when school is not in session.

How does it work? Each Friday afternoon identified elementary school children and homeless middle and high school children receive a bag of healthy food and snacks.  The filled bag may include the following individual serving-size items: cereal, oatmeal, juice, tuna, peanut butter, crackers, macaroni and cheese, soup, applesauce, fruit cups, spaghetti, ravioli, beef stew, canned vegetables, and other nutritious food.

Who can participate? Eligible students are identified by the school principal and a designated school staff member such as the counselor, social worker, or community liaison. Confidentiality of program participants is maintained by the school. A permission form is provided for the parent/guardian of each eligible student by the principal or designated school staff member. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the school before a child may participate.  Middle and high schools are exempted from permission slips to add flexibility for serving homeless students.

Check out the video attached to see Micah's Backpack program in action through our community!