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Our Promise to God

We promise to pray, alone and together, to thank God, Praise God, and to ask for God’s help in our lives and in our work for St. Paul Lutheran Church,
and we seek to listen and discern God’s response.

Our Promise to Each Other on the Church Council

We promise to respect, care and pray for each other.
We promise to regard our time in the St. Paul Church Council
as an opportunity to make an important gift to our Church.
We promise to listen with an open, nonjudgmental mind to the words and ideas
of the others in our Church and on our Church Council.
We promise to discuss, debate, dialogue, agree and disagree openly in Church Council meetings, expressing ourselves as clearly and honestly as possible,
so that we are certain that the Council understands our point of view.
We promise to support the final decision of the St. Paul Church Council,
whether it reflects our view or not.
We promise to worship together often in Jesus’ name, embracing a variety of styles, hymns and spiritual songs which give glory to God.

Our Promise to our St. Paul Lutheran Church Community

We promise to demonstrate our leadership and commitment to St. Paul Lutheran Church by our example.

We promise to support our Church pastors and staff so that their efforts can be most productive.

We promise to try to discover what is best for our Church as a whole, in pursuit of our congregation’s mission and vision, not what may be best for us or for some small group in the Church.

We promise to give caring attention to the life of this congregation, seeing that the duties and responsibilities, as outlined in the constitution of this church are fulfilled.

We promise to encourage our members to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas about the life and ministry of this congregation.

We promise to support the congregation’s direct form of government that allows members to share their opinions directly with the pastors, Church Council, standing teams and at congregational meetings.